Artist Bio

Samantha Yallope (b. 1976, London) has been drawing since she could hold a pencil and selling her artwork since age 14.


Sam at 12-ish yrs old

“During my teens I realised I had a very active imagination. I assumed it was just slow down as I got older, but it never did. Art is my way of giving the inner life a reality – bringing the inside outside – in the hope that I might learn something from the process, the product, or both.”

There’s no set process for painting. I’m always looking around and trying new approaches. I try and tackle an idea according to what feels right for me at the time.

“I love spending that time with them – watching them take form. Sometimes it’s like they’re painting themselves and I’m just an extension of the paintbrush. I love it when that happens.”

Moving to Brisbane in 1998 and the subsequent lifestyle change gave Sam the space and time needed to focus more on her art, and she has been exhibiting regularly since.