All’s been a bit quiet on the blog front for a while. Partly due to a lack of readily¬†available internet, and partly due to a bit of refocusing and a SURPRISE PROJECT!!

Brand spanking new studio!

Brand spanking new studio!

Die Empty – last year’s baby- is still being carefully nurtured. Although currently on the backburner there is still progression happening –¬†albeit in the background for the moment. If you’re not familiar with what Die Empty is about, please visit

The SURPRISE PROJECT was recently born from meeting Dave Blackwell from Draw Shoot Move animation –

We hung out for a bit, and realised we had a common love / obsession with stop motion animation.
So we decided to make one.
We figured that between my minimal modelling skills, Dave’s ninja-like animation skills, and our combined explosive enthusiasm (which for the most part is fairly focused) WE CAN DO THIS.

So we’ve started. We cleared out Dave’s garage and now we have a stop motion animation studio.
We have character designs.
We have stories.
And soon we will have a tiny town.

Dave multitasking.......

Dave multitasking while sealing one of the wooden panels we’ll be building the set on.

Making Tinker

Marley (Dave’s sometimes cat) obviously not getting enough attention. I’m making a plaster mould for the body of one of the characters.



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