Bit the Big Apple

Well, it was a flying visit and worth every penny ;-D


Proper NYC pizza! YUM!!

With just one week -and the exhibition smack bang in the middle- there was so much  to see and so little time.
Luckily our hotel was central to everything so it was a case of picking a direction a day. I think the walking juuuust about balanced out the food and drink!
If you ever fancy a pedicab tour around Central Park I highly recommend Richie’s Central Park Tours –
Richie knows EVERYTHING there is to know and is a lovely lovely gent.

Truth be told, it took until near the end of the week to really start to feel any of that NYC magic that I’ve heard people talk about. Having grown up in London it just felt like being back in a big city. But after a few bits of pizza, that crazy awesome chiming clock in Central Park, and a visit to the Met I was sold!



Mr and Mrs Ruggles with me and their spanking new purchase

And I’m stoked to report that the exhibition was a night I’ll never forget.
The gorgeous Mr and Mrs Ruggles (pictured right) bought ‘Bee Line’ for their children’s room, and stopped with me long enough to have a good chat 😉

All in all it was a hectic evening. The Agora team obviously do a smashing job with publicity because for a huge gallery it was packed, and I didn’t manage more than a glass of water all night for talking!
‘Green’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’ looked like the crowd favourites with a few people getting their pictures taken with them, and lots of people stayed with me to ask lots of questions about various pieces, as well as voluntarily share what they got from some of them. Sweet.

The week suddenly felt way more relaxed after the bubble of  exhibition anticipation had burst and I had a post-opening wine in me 🙂

I’ll leave you with a few more piccies of opening night. Work has been far from quiet since returning so expect a few more posts soon(ish) – there’s a fair bit to share!


Chats on opening night


Pre – opening visit to Agora


Can’t see the paintings for the people!


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