Monsters and Braaaiiiins

History would suggest that I’m a ‘quarterly” blogger.
Although I would love to update the website more – I’m sure I’d feel a lot more efficient – every 3 months-ish seems to be my natural cycle.

It’s been an intense few months, the majority of my time going towards my last scheduled job with Draw Shoot Move.

Leatherback turtle monster

Leatherback turtle monster

Making up monsters has been aaaawwesome fun, Dave and I had a blast working
these out! They’re intended for a kiddies workshop.
It’s the first time I’ve ever been asked to design anything for 3D animation, so I had no real-time concept of exactly how much work was involved when we took this on. Which, in hindsight I’m kind of glad about because there’s a fair chance I would have been overwhelmed and had brain meltdown 😉

As well as designs, the final 4 monsters all required a front, back and sides sketch as well as two action shots. A LOT OF SKETCHES!!!!
The pics are a few of the action shots.

As much as this was a dream job (many thanks to Dave and Ty), the number of hours involved in completing it gave me some clear perspective on what art means to me.

Wombat monster

Wombat monster

Working with Dave gave me the opportunity to contribute to a) kiddies book illustrations, also b) make up monsters, and c) be involved in the birth of a stop animation project. All possible careers I’ve thought of fondly, and now had a little experience in seeing what it takes to bring these things into the real world, molding them around work and cash flow and all of the things that normally get in the way of doing all the things we want to do.
It’s been a whirlwind combo of giggles and hard work, to end up back where I began in a sense- confirming that painting and drawing on my own terms is where my true happy place is.

In the meantime, the lovely ladies at Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York sent me an e-mail inviting me to submit my portfolio.
Of course I jumped at it (after checking out the gallery) and have spent most of the first half of this year working my skinny butt off to pay the representation fee – it’s no fairy tale – this shit ain’t free!
Now the arty jobs are great, but dollars per hour are not. Neither is it a reliable income. So I’ve been lucky to have a bunch of extra peeps to thank for giving me work – between hours at the Delhi, private training sessions, coffee classes, and a kind donation from Amanda <3

All in all, not alot of time for painting 🙁 even though many other fully sik  tasks have had their arses whooped.
And this moves us on from monsters to brrraaiiiinnnssss……..

Just because the work hasn’t stopped it doesn’t mean that my head gives me a break…

Gecko monster

Gecko monster

For a good while now I’ve been extreeeeemly interested in the path that inspiration takes from the ether, through us, into fruition.
Fairly recently a bunch of scientific research has been carried out on what happens in our brains when we get struck with inspiration.
Arty wise, there’s all that left brain / right brain / or just maybe it’s all brain stuff going on…………

I just think it would be frickin cool if there were solid ways to never have creative blocks, and to have your artwork turn out just like you want it, with YOU splattered all over it so that it could never be mistaken for anyone else’s.

The possibilities are endless, so while I work out what this obsession means to me I’m going to re-work the Die Empty website into a hive of all the awesome interesting information I’ve found. I hope that at least someone enjoys it as much as I do!






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