Host Plant

Host Plant

Host Plant

Acrylic on board – 1998
99 x 36cm
AUSD $600

I don’t have any progress pics for this one and unfortunately this is not a great picture. I will replace this with a better pic over the coming months as the butterflies are quite detailed and barely any of it is visible!

This is my first painting completed in Australia (1998). I had never really used acrylics before, but we were living in a camper van and on the move for a good few months so oils were not at all practical- we had to store our paintings under the mattress 😉

The butterflies are all native Queensland species- with many thanks to Tony Hiller at the Mount Glorious Biological Centre for providing the reference.
Coming from London I was amazed at, well, EVERYTHING. In an effort to explain what this painting is for me I will share a bit about my moving countries keeping it as brief as I can.

I always said that I would never move further away from my mum than I could walk. We’re a very close family. My partner at the time was coming to Australia to meet his father. We had not had a great relationship and coming over here went against absolutely all of my logical thought. But mum always told me to trust my gut and listen to it no matter how little sense it made, and it was telling me to go.
Starting with nothing in a new country was more than just hard. But that feeling in my gut never faded, if anything it just got stronger. My life looked like I’d made all the wrong decisions, I’ve never been so depressed AND  had this feeling that everything is how it’s supposed to be.

Eventually all the fragmented bits  came together. Puzzle pieces that looked like they would never fit found their place. The messy situations emerged from their cuccoons as beautiful blessings. And they all came together around this weird surreal source that was this growing intuition or gut feeling.

I always knew it would work out, from the beginning, when I painted this.

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