Belated Happy 2015!!

HAPPY 2015!!!

Better late than never 😉

The selective blogging of late has been due to a lack of decent pics to post. Seems silly posting on an art blog with no pics – and even sillier posting with terrible blurry ones. Many thanks to Liam for the loan of his camera. So while I have a hold of this sexy Nikon, with it’s huge lenses, I’m gonna get busy capturing as much as possible.

This festive season Santa bought me the gift of time, which was just what I needed. And no lump of coal even though I drank all of his brandy. And whisky. Maybe some gin………..

Carla's commission

Carla’s commission


This one is the latest finished commission for Miss Carla Benzie, which (hopefully) captures one of her childhood memories.

It’s a sister to ‘Just Out of Reach’ from a year or two ago.

She’s fully cured, and I’m in the process of lacquering her as I write this.

For a clearer look go to the commissions section of this site.

There are two new commissioned pieces on the go – one is a wedding portrait for the beautiful Anthony and May Lau – pics will have to wait till next time; the other is a piece for two special little girls (Cedar and Josie).
The girls chose rainbows and unicorns as their happy thoughts, and daddy Liam asked for a ‘happy place’.


Josie and Cedar's sketch

Josie and Cedar’s sketch


This sketch is pretty darn loose, but I’m lucky enough that (so far) Liam trusts me with a lot of freedom regarding the finished painting.

He’s not even keen on seeing progress shots – much like Carla!

So in both cases I only needed to sketch out enough for me to get my bearings. Lucky me!



The Death of me progress.

The Death of me progress.

Modern Survival Techniques progress

Modern Survival Techniques progress


Of course there’s always my own paintings slowly progressing in the background. These two have been growing all year and are almost finished – I’m still managing to squeeze in mini sessions on them in between the commissions and finishing the frames for the paintings due for NYC.

This is it for me today though – this little English girl can’t take the Queensland heat without air con, so I’m going to lay in front of the fan until it cools down enough for my melting brain to re-solidify so I can function again.



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