2015 Agora Gallery, New York

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Out From Down Under & Beyond:
Fine Art From Australia and New Zealand
May 19 – June 9, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 21, 2015, 6-8 pm


Sweet Dreams   Oil on Board   24.5″ x 16″

About the Artist

Samantha Yallope typically works in oil on canvas or board and occasionally acrylic. Semi-figurative and vibrant in hue, her works border on illustration and certainly express Pop sensibilities at times. As symbolic renderings of the human soul and psyche, in all of its prismatic fluctuations, her works straddle many levels and speak in many tongues. Working in stages on up to five paintings at once, Yallope is interested in the shadow realms, and unearthing the truth that defines our real selves. Of her works she remarks that they offer “purity of expression, they are a vibration, the birth point of some energy in my subconscious finding its first translatable form.” Whether working in fine layers of paint or thick solid color, Yallope aims to find that visual space where the conscious and subconscious coalesce and integrate, with results that resonate with the viewer both intellectually and emotionally.

Born in Wembley, England, artist Samantha Yallope lived in London until moving to Brisbane, Australia. She has shown her work professionally in exhibitions throughout Australia for the past seven years.
Samantha Yallope Up-close

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