The Bees Keep Her

The Bees Keep Her

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Oil on canvas – 2013

I had a dream. I was in my friend Janets house in England. I went up the stairs to what should have been her bedroom, but was my ex’s lounge room (he lived in the top half of a similar house)
Surgeons were there working.

On my wooden desk was  the top half of a corpse, all opened up with the rib cage exposed. The surgeons and doctors looked on in amazement. They’d never seen this before – ribs had started growing extra boney bits to cover up and protect our hearts.

We HAD to stop this route of evolution before we all became hard shells of people, unable to connect.

The bees took on the job of delivering the defensive boney bits back to the universe. As long as we open up and let them in, they can tell the universe that we don’t need them anymore – thank you very much but we’ve decided not to grow that way.

A while ago I had a dream that rung so true I cried
Our rib cages grew these boney wings to protect our hearts inside
I saw the autopsy on the table and could barely believe my eyes
To cope with our own ‘evolution’ we have to become so desensitized

Breath deep
Open up your chest
Don’t be afraid
Feel your guarded heart
The bees will do the rest


  1. I could stare at this piece for hours…

  2. I could stare at this piece for hours… Love it!!

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