Head In The Clouds

moon no frame

Oil on board – 2000

62 x 84cm

Prints available! Please email me for details šŸ™‚

This started as a phone doodle while I was chatting to my friend Taylor. By the time I’d finished he looked so happy I wanted to paint him.
It was kind of an automatic/semi-subconcious doodle and I remember looking at him when I finished the phone call and wondering how and why I had drawn something so damn happy when I was so pissed off. Guess I just forgot to be pissed off for a few minutes! (thanks Taylor) šŸ˜‰
I looked at moonhead and stopped for a while to think of the beautiful area I was living in (Mt Glorious, hence the mountain) and realized that in that moment, without all the everyday crap rolling around in my head, I was unbelievably happy. So I startedĀ taking those momentsĀ more often, and it got easier. Even when I only had a moment before throwing myself back into the shitstorm at least I knew that happy was hiding just under the surface.

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