Bee Line

Bee Line


Oil on canvas – 2005
46 x 46cm

The lovely couple that bought this piece informed me that it’s to hang in their future daughter’s nursery 😉
And they even knew a boy that used to tie bees on a string! I’ve heard it can be done, although I never heard of anyone actually doing it!

As you may have guessed, I love bees. To me they represent purpose, support, communication, and are a fitting symbol for a productive and balanced community.
The little girl seems to have lost her bee – but as you can see, the bee is no more lost than your sunglasses when you forget that you have them on top of your head.

We may feel lost or without purpose sometimes, but our purpose and place in community are never really any more lost than the bee. Or the metaphorical sunglasses. We just can’t see it sometimes.
In reality that feeling can be painful, lonely, and heart-breakingly depressing. Which is why I wanted to paint Bee Line in a very light hearted style. It seems to me that focusing on the emptiness of feeling disconnected breeds more of the same. This painting is about being ok with periods of lost and not- knowing and trusting that it will pass. And remembering that you KNOW even if you don’t know you know right now.

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