Frankie Dupont illustrations


Frankie front cover by David Blackwell

Frankie front cover by David Blackwell


David at Draw Shoot Move had this job on the go when we first
worked together.

Frankie drivewayI joined up a little down the track. I have to admit I was pretty excited, I may have a tiny obsession with children’s books!


My part in the illustration process consisted of the original design for all the characters shown in these sketches aside from Frankie, and providing the original drawings for these 5 illustrations.
Dave and Julie (author) then tweaked them and polished them up on a swish shiny computer screen.


You can see some of the results of our work here:

Or of course buy the book………

…… which case you may want to read a review…..






Frankie poolside

Frankie cupcake shop

Frankie office

Frankie changing room








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